We believe that content of education of young child greatly determines child mindset and personality and ultimately his future. The school environment is engaging and responsive to a child at each stage of development. The emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in a big group. Playing with mud holding crayons, practicing free colouring and writing on boards helps in motor development of children. Both fine and gross motor development takes place by various activities performed in the classroom under the supervision of teacher. Children learn to identify their belongings like their bags, tiffin, water bottle, pencil etc. They are involved in oral activities like rhyme recitation, storytelling, prayers etc. All these help in improving their oratory skills. Children learn to identify the sounds of alphabets. They learn to recognise the alphabet by listening to the sound. Their pre-writing skill is developed by the use of colouring with crayons and writing on blackboard with chalk in free –style manner.

Renaissance Academy

Baijnathpur, Balapar Road, Landmark - Omkar Ashram, Gorakhpur - 273001 (U.P.)


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